If your organization is currently using ServiceNow or if you’re new to the platform, do you have a plan to ensure that your employees can efficently use the system? Are they aware of ServiceNow best practices? Will they be able to correctly enter items within the system?

The training and documentation team at Pathways develops custom training and documentation for your organization so your most import assets — your employees — are comfortable and well-equipped to use ServiceNow on day one.

We tailor training plans and documents to reflect any customizations to your ServiceNow instance. We also include standard ServiceNow best practices as well as tips and tricks to use on the platform (did you know you can quickly create a bookmark to a report just by clicking and dragging the report over to the Edge?).

In addition, we also incorporate any important aspects of your business processes into the materials. When developing a training plan or a document, Pathways speaks with key members of your staff to determine what process-driven elements need to be included. This results in a unique, customized training session or a document that fits not only your organization’s processes, but also reflects the best practices set by ServiceNow.


Pathways has hosted training sessions for users across the globe. In addition to training users in the United
States, Pathways has trained users in a variety of countries including Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, India, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. Training is typically provided remotely, with up to 100 seats per class. On-site options are also available.

End-user training

Focuses on getting your end users knowledgeable and comfortable utilizing your Service-
Now instance for items such as opening various ticket types, ordering devices and submitting a variety of requests.

Fulfiller training

Places a focus on your fulfiller groups and working inside of your ServiceNow instance. Topics include navigating the system, producing reports, updating and creating dashboards and working on tickets.


Courses are focused on the lead members of your fulfillment staff in order to provide more advance knowledge of your ServiceNow instance and instill a high level of comfort and confidence to tackle any questions they may be asked during their time training and mentoring other users.


Documentation is a key part of any organization in order to keep your employees knowledgeable about products and processes involved in your company’s day-to-day operations.
Pathways works with your subject matter experts to write and produce quick reference guides and user manuals that are tailored to fit the scope of your instance, including any process-related items that are related to specific fields, statuses, SLAs and other items that impact your organization.

User manuals

Include content that encompasses a typical ticket’s lifecycle. These manuals include business rules for what data belongs in which field, when to use a specific status and best practices for entering data.

Quick reference guides

Can also be produced to aid your employees as a single-page desktop reference so your employees have best practices and other important items at their fingertips.

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