Not enough hours in a day

A major asset management organization didn’t have a reliable way to track their employee’s timecards from month to month. In addition, there were major redundancies in the employee records, which resulted in each employee having to manually edit their timecard every month.

The organization tasked Pathways’ Production Support team with creating a new timecard application inside ServiceNow that effectively tracked employee time every month.

An automated script was put in place to eliminate the need for redundant, manual data entry, freeing their employees to focus on more pressing tasks. As an added bonus, this automation significantly reduced human error, which lead to more accurate reporting and analytics.

Since 2015, clients have utilized more than
25,500 Production Support hours

Production Support allows Pathways to work with your schedule, your people and your processes — all on a flexible timeline that best fits your needs.

Production Support

If you’re interested in enhancements to an application, Production Support hours can be used for any development, testing or configuration work that your team needs, including:

  • Enhancement development
  • Defect elimination
  • Instance customization
  • Knowledge and guidance on configuring ServiceNow by utilizing best practices
  • Quality Control, including user acceptance and regression testing
  • Release Management

When should you choose Production Support?

Since Production Support is a steady-state contract that gives you and your organization an allotment of hours to use, you can execute a wide variety of projects and enhancements, including:

  • Creating a new, custom application
  • Configuring your instance to best suit your needs
  • Best Practice analysis (look through your existing instance and report on any items that do not follow ServiceNow’s best practices)
  • Creating or modifying your Self-Service page to make it easier and more familiar to navigate for your end-users
  • Enhancing an existing form, workflow, view, report or application

Every Production Support contract includes a weekly status report on projected and actual hours used, as well as the amount of hours remaining and what the hours were used for.

All efforts undertaken via Production Support come out of a bank of hours. If you decide you want to use a custom workflow with various approvals for your Change Management application, you can simply add it to the project plan, generate your requirements and Pathways will begin developing your custom solution.

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