Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

When your organization is looking for ways to enhance Customer Service and Enterprise Productivity as a whole, they should consider Enterprise Service Management (ESM). ESM is an operational architecture where every functional area throughout an organization is defined as a service domain that offers a service. By linking them together in value chains, the business can deliver customer value and results while improving efficiency of internal operations.

Today, IT is heavily relied upon to support ESM which consists of a broad spectrum of users and business services in an organization. As organization executives look to fulfill their charter, the ESM solution in place can either be an invaluable ally or a persistent liability. Because the technical and business landscape has shifted substantially, visibility into the organization has become more complex at an accelerated pace.

Therefore, Pathways works with businesses to analyze existing processes, plan, design and implement automated workflows on the ServiceNow platform. We ensure that organizational services become streamlined requests that allow management to gain real time visibility into the business. We optimize (or automate) the business process of tracking and prioritizing assets and needs so organizations can run more efficiently and cost effectively.

A solid ESM platform is vital to ensuring a successful transition of services. Pathways Consulting Group recommends the ServiceNow suite of cloud-based enterprise service management solutions. Industry analysts’ report that customers using ServiceNow’s platform are seeing substantial business value for their customers as well as internal IT and business operations.

Why Pathways Consulting Group?

Pathways Consulting Group is a full service provider for the ServiceNow suite of products and we have the expertise to cover all aspects of the platform. With your goals in mind, we utilize best business practices and ITIL methodologies to provide process and workflow design and implementation. We also deliver options for post-Production Support to accommodate future needs and enhancements.

At Pathways, we help organizations build and improve their ESM workflows and process alignment through analysis and by building a strategic roadmap. This includes analyzing existing investments in platforms, processes and workflows, considerations for consolidation of tools and evaluation of all possible improvements to ensure today’s changes will help build toward the vision of your future ESM practice.

Success Factors:

  • A proven methodology and approach allow for quick and efficient implementation and delivery of services using our own specially developed QuickPath solution.
  • Providing end-to-end services starting with an assessment of the current state of an organization including their people, governance, processes, architecture and tools, which positions us to continuously support our clients enabling us to work as an extension of our your team.
  • Our implementation approach (crawl, walk, run) allows for quick implementation and deployment.
  • Experience in program management of transformation/business process alignment efforts.

Adoption of new processes is half the battle of success. Pathways can also provide training in all aspects of the implementation effort. Regardless of audiences, our training methods allow for quick adoption of the new processes and technology investment to assure utilization and efficiency. At the same time, we’re ever-vigilant in assessing employee expertise in specific areas in an effort to maximize that competitive advantage to its fullest potential.