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In the fast-paced world of IT, you don't always have the luxury to reinvent experience and learn as you go. Engaging Pathways Consulting can expedite a positive IT transformation.
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ServiceNow — a valued partner of Pathways Consulting Group — is a leading provider of cloud-based services that automate enterprise IT operations.

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Explore Analytics

Explore Analytics — a valued partner of Pathways Consulting Group — provides a sophisticated cloud-based self-service data analysis and visualization tool for individuals and teams with no software to install.

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Percep vs Reality
Alter Your Perception to Improve Your Reality

Most people are mystified as to how hypnosis works. If they see a hypnotized person unable to remember a number or see a person who cannot stop laughing because they have just been given the suggestion that they have “heard the funniest joke in the world,” they assume the hypnotized…

Maximizing Strategic Self-Hypnosis

In last week’s blog, I described a very simple technique for learning the fundamentals of self-hypnosis. A famous psychologist, named…